Black guilt

Today I read an article about the house values dropping considerably in the eastern part of the city.  The part of the city that is predominantly Black and Brown.  I felt anger, yes.  But I also felt torn.  I live in the western part of the city, and our values stayed the same.  Some even increased.  Now what is my role?

Do I post my outrage on Facebook, including a link to the article?  Exposure–yes.  Action–not so much.  It would make me feel better to increase awareness, but what does it really do? 

Black guilt is being torn between enjoying what you think you’ve “worked hard for” and continuing to advocate for those still knee deep in the struggle.  Learning how and where to put that rage that fills you, while knowing, honestly, you chose not to live in the very area you are culturally tied to.  The displacement is actually very painful, but is it really a choice?


“When I dare to…

“When I dare to be powerful
To use my strength in the service of my vision
It becomes less and less important whether I am afraid”

Audre Lorde